There are various reasons why our members joined Mt. Washington. Some for the camaraderie of fellow shooters, some to further the goals of the club by serving as club officers, some for access to training classes or shooting events. Some members simply want a place to shoot occasionally and have no interest in organized events or meetings. All are valid reasons and there are probably more.

Help us to make the Club better for all; tell us what prompted you to join and what you want from the Club.


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  1. Timothy Sosnowski October 27, 2017 at 8:12 pm

    I joined the club to shoot at agc ,then i started to go to all the club events witch i found out was a lot of fun and that was also the beginning of my trap career at mt Washington thanks to john and bob its my new fun shoot to do, then i seen a opportunity to be more involved with the club so i became trap director ,being part of the club has opened my eyes to a lot of new friends and shooting sports.

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