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2019 Session Gun & Hunting Bill Status – PDF Download

Links to 2A Maryland’s Session Documents & Information


This page contains tabs for tracking information for all gun and hunting bills currently active in the Senate and House of Delegates.

A link to a downloadable PDF version is also provided.


A brief synopsis of each bill, the bill’s impact on gun owners, and a recommended position to take in either support, opposition, or no position.

A link to a downloadable PDF version is also provided.


Legislator’s district, committee assignment, hyperlinked email address, phone and political party affiliation. Additional tabs showing legislator’s information by committee.

A link to a downloadable PDF version is also provided.


Links to past legislative emails, document links, other websites providing information which is often needed by gun owners.

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Links to Information on the Maryland General Assembly Website (MLIS)

Guns Bill List – MLIS
Find Your District & Legislators
Maryland General Assembly
Weapons Bill List – MLIS
Find your legislator – by name
Find Legislation – by session
Hunting Bills List – MLIS
Find you legislator – by district
Look up maryland statutes

Links to 2A Maryland’s Detailed Information Documents, Contact Files and Reports

Current Legislative Email

2019 Session – Maryland General Assembly

2019 Session Documents – PDF Downloads

A quick down and dirty status report on gun and hunting bills as they progress through the legislative process. Including advice on whether to support or oppose the various bills.

A brief synopsis of each bill, what is does or does not do, how it impacts gun owners.

Maryland General Assembly by District and Office, room number, and phone extension numbers. This is the short single page form commonly used by 2A activists during gun bill hearings.

A listing of the primary Committees in order of interest to gun owners. Including information on chamber, committee members’ names, office address, phone numbers, hyperlinked emails addresses and party affiliation.

A listing by election district of all the members of the Maryland General Assembly. Including information on chamber, committee assignment, office address, phone numbers, hyperlinked emails addresses, and party affiliation.

All of the three MGA files above combined into a single document.

Useful information on each Committee for those wishing to offer testimony before House and Senate Committees.

Legislative Lingo used in the Maryland General Assembly
A basic glossary of the terms commonly used to describe certain actions, events, procedures, etc. in the Maryland General Assembly.

2019 Session Dates.pdf 
A calendar of events and dates published by the Maryland Legislative Information Service (MLIS). This is the official calendar of important dates for the 2019 Session.

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2A Maryland Files & General Information Documents

2020 Maryland General Assembly – Outlook PST Download

UPDATED 06-02-2019!

Click here to Download the 2019 Session Outlook PST file.
Important Notes on Outlook download:
Every reasonable effort has been made to secure this file. However, the user is advised that 2A Maryland / Mt. Washington Rod & Gun Club assume no liability directly or indirectly connected to the user’s download and use of this file.
The file contains the following major groups: full general assembly, full senate, full house. Also, groups for the following committees: Senate Judicial, House Judiciary, Senate Environmental, House Environmental, Senate Budget, House Ways & Means, House Appropriations, House Government Operation.

Homicide Trends in Maryland – 2013-2018

Updated: 02-13-2019
Download the Maryland Homicide Trends Report 2018 UPDATE

Homicide Trends in Maryland – 2012-2017

Updated: 03-27-2018
Click here to download the 2012 – 2017 Maryland Homicide Trends Report.

Maryland Handgun Permit Review Board 1972 – 2017

Click here to Download the 1972 – 2017 Handgun Permit Review Board Report.